Where Germany stands on gay marriage

Skip to content. Federal elections were held on 22 Septemberafter which a new government coalition was formed. By contrast, people in Central and Eastern Europe are broadly opposed to the practice. Gay Star News.

Zeit Online in German. Civil unions and registered partnerships. Conversion therapy banned by law. The Local. Retrieved 12 September

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Founded in as a fringe, anti-migrant group with alleged neo-Nazi links, it Where Germany stands on gay marriage now the third-largest party, with 92 seats in the Bundestag and a representative in every state. Heightening the emotion of the debate, several of the lawmakers who spoke are not standing for re-election, making Friday their final day in Parliament.

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  • Jul 3, by Jill. Germany, the largest country in Western Europe by population, becomes the 15th European nation to change its laws to allow gay marriage.
  • The answer came early Friday morning, when the lower house of the German Parliament voted to legalize same-sex marriage after a brisk but emotional debate, prompting Ms.
  • Same-sex marriage in Germany has been legal since 1 October A bill for legalisation passed the Bundestag on 30 June and the Bundesrat on 7 July.
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT rights in Germany have evolved significantly over the course of the last decades. During the s and early s, lesbian and gay people in Berlin were generally tolerated by society and many bars and clubs specifically pertaining to gay men were opened.
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For example, in , the law was changed so that homosexuality and bisexuality were no longer grounds for being discriminated against in the military. In spite of these ties, Italy began recognizing same-sex civil unions in On the first anniversary of the passing of the marriage equality law, they were cast as the ideal gay nuclear family.

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Where Germany stands on gay marriage

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