Scotland is now a place where you can be glad to be gay Val McDermid

South Ribble. Val McDermid is an excellent writer, but at times her murders have been seen as excessively violent, and despite her vow not to write only lesbian thrillers, heterosexuals are in alarmingly short supply in some of her books. For a book that I'm assuming is meant to introduce a new detective protagonist hence the "Introducing Karen Pirie" on the cover , The Distant Echo sure doesn't make her shine.

The ending, once it finally arrived, was supremely satisfying, with a cut away from the action and a brief summary that several murders would not be prosecuted despite a full confession from the murderer. It was very well done. But even the Scottish Conservative party is now unrecognisable from those days: earlier this year, David Mundell, the secretary of state for Scotland and the only Tory MP north of the border, became the first serving Conservative cabinet minister to come out.

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The Guardian. Bexhill and Battle. Published: 20 May Retrieved 29 June The Lord Duncan of Springbank. The Telegraph.

Scotland is now a place where you can be glad to be gay Val McDermid
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