Middle East has helped bolster its gay credentials

How those funds get distributed has been a point of contention. Follow our adventures by email. He is also rumoured to have had an English lover. Zuhdi Jasser May 24, Fox News. No advertising. Get unlimited Monitor journalism.

The Gay SuperOrgasm

  • Jihadist groups exist and will continue to attack domestic and foreign targets, particularly in Indonesia, but their tactics and ideology are a hard sell in current regional conditions, and they are unlikely to reach the critical mass that would threaten society or the state.
  • We disaggregate between and within even the hardest-line movements throughout this report and recommend policymakers do the same. Click here to learn more.
  • Jasser frequently writes and talks about the issue of political Islam. He's an active Republican who has supported the U.
  • He can only hope that it happens in time.
  • Philadelphia Inquirer.
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  • The point of this article is to show that despite being a very difficult place in the world for the LGBTQ community, there is a glimmer of hope for a better future.

Since his release from prison in , Ag Alhousseini has openly practised as a qadi in the Timbuktu region — although the United Nations has accused him of helping facilitate jihadist attacks, using his reconciliation work with local government officials as a cover.

A better response to the appeal of violent, jihadist groups is to allow and protect a more pluralistic, inclusive religious space. One study counted of them in 14 countries in ; were in America.

Middle East has helped bolster its gay credentials
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