I just rattled off more gay dating stereotypes than

LGBTQ+ Stereotypes That NEED to Die

Follow his sometimes wildly inappropriate twitter at PhilipMMak. But keep in mind that attraction works on different levels for different people. Please leave us alone, and let us spread our love around and continue to singlehandedly stimulate the American wedding industry. It's , and we can sleep with whomever, wherever and as many times as we like.

However, not all gay men are sex addicts.

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Sex could be social. The behavior-identification gap is shrinking at a slower pace for men. In major cities, it's up to 15 percent of the market, and that's conservative. Something would break. While men may have historically been the ones on the front lines in battle, the idea that men are required to be brave all the time is not only antiquated, it puts undue pressure on men and boys.

Yet male bisexuality remains a blind spot even in my relatively progressive inner circle.

I just rattled off more gay dating stereotypes than
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