How gay and bisexual men navigate physical environments

Primary care is important. But as my colleagues and I have noted before , HIV should be understood as one of the many intersecting and mutually reinforcing health challenges gay men face. YorkTalks — York, York.

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Consistent with research conducted with sexual minorities from nonurban areas Gray, ; Knight et al. The results indicated that compared with nonvictims, gay and bisexual men who experienced traditional harassment across multiple contexts had lower QOL in all four domains. However, long-term exposure to homophobia-motivated harassment also significantly accounts for poor general health, disability, and depression among older LGB adults [ 18 ].

Prior research has described the gay community as being composed of subcommunities often defined by demographics e. Victimization through both traditional harassment across multiple contexts and harassment in multiple forms indicate discrimination toward sexual minorities from multiple sources; during emerging adulthood, gay and bisexual men may perceive more severe marginalization than those who experienced harassment at a single context or form.

How gay and bisexual men navigate physical environments
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