Gay and bisexual adolescents must address issues

Marisol J. Individual trajectories of substance use in lesbian, gay and bisexual youth and heterosexual youth. The sites were chosen as a regionally diverse sample of states that, at time of writing, lacked enumerated statewide protections against bullying and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in schools.

Building a virtual community for older lesbians.

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  • Millett and colleagues conducted a meta-analysis comparing black and white men who have sex with men and concluded that behavioral risks, such as unprotected anal intercourse, commercial sex work, sex with a known HIV-positive partner, or HIV testing history may not fully explain racial disparities.
  • As noted, most of the research conducted among LGBT youth has examined their mental health status. With few exceptions, the increased rate of suicidality among LGB youth in comparison with heterosexual youth is consistent across age groups i.
  • In summary, one cannot ignore that the young gay and bisexual men who candidly shared this information with the research team are clients of a CBO that provide services tailored to this population.
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Barriers to optimal care between physicians and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning adolescent patients. There are scarce services targeting gay and bisexual adolescents in Puerto Rico. Sexual and ethnic identity development among gay-bisexual-questioning GBQ male ethnic minority adolescents.

Additionally, compared with young men who have sex with men who self-identified as homosexual or gay, the likelihood of homelessness was four times greater for those young men who have sex with men who identified as heterosexual, three times greater for those who identified as bisexual, and twice as likely for those who identified as transgender.

Gay and bisexual adolescents must address issues
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